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Kronander Automation is a robotics company based in Lausanne. We offer software solutions and integration of the new generation of robot arms, allowing your company to start using robotics without the big changes in production line usually implied by robotics.

We focus on making robots easy to program, safe to interact with and flexible.

Areas of expertise

Force control

Force control is crucial for a consistent polishing operation. Our software is easy to use and can achieve up to 0.1N sensitivity. New workpiece? Teach a new polishing program in five minutes.

Handheld or bench-mounted tool? We adapt to your current setup with no change in existing work station.

Safe human-robot collaboration

Modern robots such as the KUKA IIWA allows flexible robot applications without the cost and space and compleixity of external safety-guard systems. We have the know-how you need to get started with safe collaborative robotics.

Programming by Demonstration

Our software comes with the unique collaborative demonstration feature, allowing your employees to effortlessly make adjustments to the robot program simply by helping the robot complete the task a few times.


Flexible robot software and integration

  • Installation and programming of robot arms.
  • Reusable software components: you can develop your next robot application in-house.
  • Feasibility studies and system selection based on your needs.
  • Risk assessment, ensuring ISO-compliance for classical applications and collaborative robotics.


  • We offer seminars and training sessions on robot programming and control on all levels.
  • Our co-development concept is unique in the industry. We develop your first application together with your employees - producing a turn key solution and transferring knowledge at the same time.


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